Games Like Journey – New 2023

We have compiled games like Journey for you. If you are looking for a games like Journey, you are in the right place.

Games Like Journey

Journey is a beautiful and moving game that has captured the hearts of many players. In this game, players control a mysterious robed figure as they travel through a stunning landscape, ultimately reaching a mountaintop. Along the way, players must navigate challenges and obstacles, but they are not alone. Occasionally, other players will join their journey, providing brief moments of companionship and connection.

If you’re a fan of Journey and are looking for other games that offer a similar experience, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Flower
    In Flower, players control the wind as they guide a single flower petal through a series of dreamlike environments. As they progress, more petals join their journey, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing sight. Like Journey, Flower is a short game that emphasizes atmosphere and emotion over traditional gameplay mechanics.
  2. ABZÛ
    ABZÛ is a game that was inspired by the ocean and the wonders that lie beneath its surface. In this game, players control a diver as they explore a vast and beautiful underwater world, encountering a variety of sea life along the way. Like Journey, ABZÛ is a peaceful and contemplative experience that encourages players to simply enjoy the journey and the sights and sounds around them.
  3. The Unfinished Swan
    In The Unfinished Swan, players are transported to a surreal and magical world where they must navigate through a series of environments using only a paintbrush. As players paint, the world around them takes shape, revealing hidden paths and secrets. Like Journey, The Unfinished Swan is a unique and atmospheric game that encourages players to explore and discover.
  4. Dear Esther
    Dear Esther is a game that combines elements of exploration, storytelling, and environmental design. In this game, players must traverse a desolate and abandoned island, uncovering pieces of a tragic story as they go. Like Journey, Dear Esther is a non-linear game that allows players to experience the story at their own pace and in their own way.

Overall, these games like Journey offer a similar mix of beautiful visuals, emotional storytelling, and atmospheric gameplay. If you’re a fan of Journey and are looking for other games that can offer a similar experience, be sure to give these suggestions a try.